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The Simple Reason Many Women Are Awful Kissers To Men

woman kissing

Most women do not think much about the way they kiss a man or put much effort into making it pefect. But according to a new video and article released by Michael Fiore, an internationally-respected relationship expert: Many women do not create the right effect  on a guy when they kiss him because they do not understand what kissing actually means to men.

In his statement, Fiore says many women have the misconception that a kiss is something a man “steals” from you or that your job as a woman isn’t to kiss but to be kissed. He said this attitude towards kissing makes women fail to create the spark and chemistry that a man needs to experience when he is kissed.

“I’ve talked to a lot of guys about this – I actually surveyed thousands of men about this very topic. And I can tell you that when you kiss a man passively, it does not make him want to pursue you, ravish you, fall deeply in love with you, or make you his and only his forever.” says Fiore.

“No, it actually makes him feel nervous. Like he’s about to be rejected at any moment. Like he’s wasting his time with a woman who’s more interested in playing a game than having a serious relationship. Like you don’t really like him, no matter how much you secretly do”.

The good news: If you are a woman who falls into this category there is something you can do to change it. On the same website that contains the informative video and article Michael Fiore gives you the special opportunity to purchase his coaching program called “How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love”.

Why this name? According to Fiore because that’s exactly what the program teaches you how to do. “How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love” is a full course to help women not only become good kissers, but also become a man’s romantic obsession.

“In this program, I teach you how to make a man start falling for you from the very first moment your lips meet his” Fiore says.

You can watch the full video and get the course by visiting this page: How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love reviews  and then click the link on the page to the official program website. I recommending reading the review on the program which would help you make a firm buying decision.