The Fat Burning Zone Is A Myth To Avoid

fat burning zone

One of the biggest weight loss myths is the one concerning the Fat Burning Zone. Millions of people have fallen prey to this myth and undermined their own weight loss efforts as a result.

What is the Fat Burning Zone and why is this such a mistake to stick to it?

The fat burning zone is arrived at when your heart rate is running at 60-70% of its maximum ability. When you’re in the fat burning zone, the calories your body is burning are made of 50% fat calories.

This is the main reason why people were told to stick to the fat burning zone. In order to stay in the zone, you need to do medium intensity workouts. That’s why you see people doing long duration cardio workouts at a steady pace: they want to remain in the fat burning heart rate zone.

But this is a mistake which you must avoid at all costs. If you really wish to burn fat, you need to do high intensity workouts which take your heart rate to 80-90% of its maximum ability. In this heart rate range, the calories you burn are made up of about 40% fat. This may seem like it’s not as good as doing fat burning zone cardio workouts, but in fact, you will burn a lot more fat with this fat burning technique.

The reason why high intensity workouts are better for your weight loss efforts is that you burn a lot more overall calories per minute of working out, that the relative amount of fat calories burned do not effect your overall outcome. For instance, in 30 minutes of working out at the fat burning zone heart rate, you may burn around 150 calories overall which mean that you’ve used up 75 fat calories.

But, if you do higher intensity workouts for 30 minutes, then you’ve burned more than 200 calories and over 80 fat calories. You did more in the same time.

If you really want to shed pounds fast, I recommend that you forget about the Fat Burning zone cardio workouts you’ve been told about and switch to higher intensity workouts. You will see better results.