Make Him Fall Head Over Heels

make him fall head over heels review

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels by Kymmie Krieger is a relationship guide for women that shows how to make any man fall deeply, uncontrollably in love with you and never think about any other woman. It is for all women who have struggled in their life to get guys to fall deeply in love with them and make commitment.

The program works with a special step-by-step formula that allows you to activate a specific part of a man’s brain called the “Fascination Cortex” which is what makes people completely fascinated with things. If you want to snag Mr. Right and get him to fall madly in love with you, Kymmie Krieger’s system is just what could help you achieve this.

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels is aimed at helping women gain the power to make the man they want obsessively, uncontrollably crave you and give you the attention and love that you desire. The author describes the techniques in detail and offer new solutions for choosing the right kind of guy.

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Does Make Him Fall Head Over Heels work?

This Make Him Fall Head Over Heels review discusses the latest product by dating and relationship expert Kymmie Krieger which has been creating a lot of buzz online since its release to the internet market. It makes the bold promise of being sure to work to make a man hungrily crave and fantasize about you, but does it really deliver?

Make Him Fall Head Over Heels Details

It is a step-by-step system that is geared towards helping women to better comprehend the male psyche with the aim of being able to get and keep the man you want.

Kymmie warns that the exact formula in her system is so powerful at winning the attention and desire of guys you should only ever use it on a man you truly desire and want a long-term relationship with. If you use it on any other man, you’ll have a seriously hard time getting that man to forget you because he’ll be so deeply addicted to you.

Some of the highlights of the book include:

The Chocolate Craving Love Formula – This secret recipe works on the involuntary craving part of a man’s mind to activate his Fascination Cortex and make him irresistibly crave you. Let this powerful formula do all of the hard work for you. No more struggle to get the love you desire.

The Unicorn Technique – This special technique is for completely entrancing your man, by showing him your special uniqueness and magnifying your natural mystery and intrigue. Use this technique to fill his heart with wonder and curiosity.

The Spicy Banter Technique – Use this technique to draw him in even deeper by charming him with spicy conversations. Because the right kind of banter is what makes a man realize you’re intelligent, funny and completely irresistible.

The Pop Rocks Candy Technique – When you use this technique, you’ll discover how to be what is called the ‘Pop Rocks’ candy in your relationship. You’ll learn how to become that sizzling brushfire he cannot get enough of. Use this technique to make him utterly blind to any woman but you, and make other women green-eyed with jealousy.


• Some women might find certain parts of the guide manipulative. This may happen depending on your perspective and personal judgment. Some of you might feel that you are playing with men’s emotional triggers to get what you want.
• The program is broken into many different and separate parts. It can be a tedious process shifting from one module to another.


• An Insightful product that is a great solution for women who want to become more attractive and appealing to men. The program is also helpful for women who are currently in a relationship and want to make it stronger and more enjoyable for them.
• Helps you learn about essential factors that would help you get the man of your
• Gives you scenarios that’ll be easy-to-relate-to so that you understand each point
• Written in a very fun way that would keep you interested right through the course. Going through the entire program is like listening to your best friend.
• Each chapter includes worksheets that simplify every step and wrap the Information provided into straightforward, motivational, and actionable chunks.
• The product has good, helpful customer service. You’ll get your query replied to in less than 24 hours.

Make Him Fall head Over Heels is a very insightful training course for women that combine e-books, videos, and audios to channel the lessons being taught in different formats. The materials included are generously supplemented and the content is very comprehensive yet easy to read. Though one needs to make a conscious effort to be open minded and adaptable to the striking techniques in the step-by-step training course, we believe that the product is worth recommending.