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Is Cardio Useless?

People love to bash cardio. It’s in their nature. I mean I get it. If you take a look at the people on cardio machines, 90% of the them are overweight and out of shape. So I totally get why people love to bash cardio.

But then how is that pro bodybuilders, world class fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities have used cardio to get in amazing shape. Bodybuilders like Jay Cutler did hour long sessions of cardio to get stage-shredded and win Mr. Olympia.

Beyonce spent lots of time on the treadmill to lose her baby weight. Hugh Jackman ran on the treadmill to get jacked for Wolverine.

Henry Cavill (who plays the new Superman) did “grueling” cardio to get ripped for Immortals. So how is cardio dead if people are clearly getting results from it? Please explain, I’m listening.

Cardio isn’t dead. It’s simply misunderstood. The majority of people who are overweight and do cardio have an “exercise is greater than diet mindset.”

These people believe that as long as you do cardio, you can eat whatever you wany and still see results. That type of mentality is detrimental to your progress.

Cardio can help you burn calories and get results, but you can never out train a bad diet. If you do an hour long session of cardio and burn 400 calories, you can’t have a 400 calorie doughnut afterwards.

It’s common sense yet people who do cardio continue to neglect their diet. Cardio is a very effective for burning calories. Just make sure you don’t compensate with extra food.

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